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Comparing Math Classes With Tutoring

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

When considering Math support for your children, you may notice that there are two general tracks: group tutoring and classes. Both have significant advantages, and both are offered by Math Monkey.

Advantages of Classes

Kids are in Classes with other Kids: They learn about each other by talking about their lives, and all of this makes learning fun. Children have the chance to socialize with other children. They talk about their days and their family events and experiences. They get to know a little bit more about each other, and even become friends with each other! This is a tremendous part of the students’ growth, and is an enormous part of what makes Math enrichment classes like the kinds offered by Math Monkey Cleveland so much fun and so successful in teaching kids Math skills. When it’s fun, they don’t feel like they’re learning!

Provides a formal professional learning agenda: In the limited time of a virtual class, it is important that the most important skills are emphasized and given priority. In Math Monkey classes, curricula are professionally designed for this purpose, particularly in enrichment classes where there may be limited time with the students.

Advantages of One-On-One Tutoring

Personalized Attention: The obvious benefit of individual tutoring is that the student is given more personal attention in the lesson. This is not to discount the benefit of the group, however if a student has individual Math tutoring needs or if the child is having trouble grasping the concepts they are learning in their day-school class, one-on-one tutoring may be the way to go.

Customizable: With individual tutoring, the teacher will assess your child’s understanding and needs; parents and students will make an individual learning plan to most effectively support the student. There are teaching methods and techniques the tutor will use to best help your child.

Flexible Scheduling: One of the advantages of tutoring is that in necessary circumstances, it may be possible to reschedule a session, whereas with a class it is generally not.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your child. Whichever fits best into your schedule, needs and budget will be the most helpful to your child in their journey to become a Math all-star! Whether they are working with other children or with a tutor, Math tutoring programs like Math Monkey Cleveland will be there to develop and refine your child’s Math skills, one lesson at a time.

At Math Monkey Cleveland we help students visualize Math problems through games and activities, to help students learn Math in a way that is fun and engaging. Our methods make the students forget they are in a classroom, all while they are learning and developing real Math skills that will help them in their careers and for the rest of their lives.

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