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Math enrichment classes for students Pre-K through 12

Classes and nearest grade:

Green Monkey - Pre K
Lemur - K
Spider Monkey - 1rst Grade
Chimpanzee - 2nd Grade
Orangutan - 3rd Grade
Baboon - 4th Grade
Gorilla - 5th Grade
Silverback - 6th Grade
Great Ape - 7th Grade
Algebra - 8th Grade
Geometry - 8th Grade

Probability and Stats - 10th Grade

At Math Monkey we've taken a very unique approach to teaching math. In a game-based environment students engage with the teacher and their peers to learn why the math works.... far beyond drilling math facts through worksheets.

1. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 
2. Understanding OVER memorization
3. Learning should be a FUN and engaging process
4. Perfect compliment to school


Tutoring - Homework Help - Private 1 on 1

These Homework Help/private tutoring sessions are designed to assist students throughout the school year with their homework needs as well as to target any areas of concern. These tutor sessions are with a Math Monkey trained high school assistant and run 45 minutes each.


Students can bring in homework from school and receive 1-on-1 assistance with their lessons. This is a great opportunity for students to ask the questions they weren’t able to ask in class. They can also get help preparing for an upcoming test. Since each tutor lesson is 1-on-1, we are able to develop each lesson around the specific needs to the student.


We work with students in grades 1 through 12. Tutoring sessions for more advanced math concepts are limited, sessions will be based on the availability of individual tutors.


Math and English Language Basic Boot Camps

Intensive small classes focused on helping kids more fully understand the basics of Math and English Language.  There are 4 classes, two on Math and two on English Language skills.

If your child could use some basic training, catch-up, or intensive review, this may be the right class for him or her. This program is designed as semi-structured where we focus on the individual needs of the students rather than a stuctured curriculum to bring students up to speed in Language or Math.  Our goal is to boost confidence and reinforce the concepts the students learn in school.

LEGO Robotics Engineering

Lego Program.jpg

LEGO Robotics Engineering

Math Monkey now offers 3 levels of LEGO Robotics Labs for children ages 5 through 14. The design challenges are engaging and the benefits from learning how to design a project and then build and program it are likely to stay with the child no matter their future interests.  Seats are limited so take advantage now!   

scratchjr pic2.jpg

2D/3D Video Game Programing

Java Programming for MINECRAFT

Coding and Computer Programming

Math Monkey offers classes in 2 and 3D game design and programming for children ages 5 through 11.  Classes will encourage your child to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. as they learn many of the basics of computer coding.  They will learn and use step sequencing, loops, sub-routines, parameters, etc . . .