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Math Monkey's DoughSavvy program is designed to introduce and support a young person's understanding of Money and how they can learn to make it work in their own lives.  The full course spans eight 90 minute sessions. 


The first two sessions are a wide-ranging overview of Money - Earning it, Using/Spending it, Saving/Investing it, and Tracking it.  Additional sessions cover these and other topics in more detail.

Sessions One and Two (90 mins each) 

Overview of Money

This overview will explain Earning, Using, Spending, Saving, Investing, and Tracking money.  Students will learn about these topics in a wide ranging class that cover everything money history and extensive examples to personal planning for your own financial future.  Students will produce a takeaway analysis of how money fits into their own lives and how they might work to achieve their personal goals.

Session Three (90 mins)

Earning Money 1 - Finding Work

Session Four (90 mins)

Earning Money 2 - Starting a Business


Session Five (90 mins)

Spending Money


Session Six (90 mins)

Saving/Investing Money

Session Seven (90 mins)

Tracking and Budgeting

Session Eight (90 mins)

Planning for College and Beyond

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  • Price is $125 for the 2 session overview and for any 2 other topics. 

To speak with us about these classes,
please call Sandy Rosenbluth at
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