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About LEGO Robotics …

Math Monkey offers LEGO Robotic labs at two levels.  LEGO Jr Robotics for our youngsters which has been made specifically for kids ages 5-8, LEGO Robotics Sr,  designed for kids ages 9-14 who may be more experienced or more capable LEGO robotics builders.

LEGO Jr Robotics is a great introduction into coding and basic robotics. No previous robotic or programming experience is needed. Just be prepared to have fun while learning how to program and solve problems.

LEGO Robotics Sr  gives our kids an opportunity to explore engineering, math and science. The process of creating autonomous machines that complete useful tasks is what makes LEGO robotics so much fun, and our kids LOVE It!!

- Learn how to break a complex problem into small manageable parts

- Organize simple tasks to create more complex behaviors

- Evaluate results and fix bugs

- Build the critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help children                 succeed in all their future endeavors

So What Will My Kid Be Learning…


Our LEGO Jr Robotics classes use the LEGO WeDo robotics sets to design build and program robots that will perform a variety of simple yet fun tasks.  One week it might be a carousel, the next a monkey playing a drum or a playground teeter-totter. 

Lego Robotics III is for our experienced or more capable LEGO kids and covers project design and programming principles using LEGO Mindstorms NXT and EV3 components.  A wide array of sensors and actuators will enable students to build soccer playing robots which can track the ball on their own, exploratory robots that can follow a trail or cover a range of areas to locate specific objects, and of course, battle bots which compete against one another.  

Students will learn how to program for the different sensors, servos and motors on the robots. The students will use mathematical operations, measuring skills and variables to build their robotics.

How Big Are The Class Sizes…

Class sizes are kept to no more than 8 kids per class.  Math Monkey has taught LEGO Robotics for over 10 years and we have found this to be the ideal setting, providing your child with the best learning environment and interaction with his/her classmates on their fun robotics building programming adventure.

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