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Summer and Special Classes Schedule

Select a class and day/time to begin the Enrollment Process

Existing Math Monkey Families may use a simplified enrollment process through the Math Monkey Parent Portal

Math Monkey Summer PROPEL Enrichment and Boot Camp Basics Classes, Summer LEGO and Adventure Camps, and Back-to-School Camps are tons of fun for the students.  Just as important, they are a great way to keep your students engaged in learning over the Summer and ready for school when they return in the fall. As with all Math Monkey programs, help kids gain confidence while learning things that can last a lifetime. 

Math Monkey Summer Classes and Camps and all Special Classes are one-time, limited time or special occasion classes.  There is no automatic re-enrollment and enrollment is separate from any other classes they or their sibs may attend.  


- Summer PROPEL Enrichment Classes:  Class tuition is $339 for the entire 10 lesson summer session.   A Multi-student or Multi-class discount of will apply if students are enrolled concurrently in Propel classes.  These discounts apply only to PROPEL tuition and not to Adventure Camp or Robitics fees.  There are no prepayment discounts.  Only one discount can be applied at a time per student.

- Summer LEGO Robotics classes:  LEGO Robotics classes are offered as a 4 week sessions.  The class fees are $179 per 4 week (1 hour per wk) Lego Jr class and $329 per 4 week (2 hours per wk) Lego III class.  Students enrolled in both June and July classes will receive 10% off the second class. There are no prepayment discounts. Only one discount can be applied at a time per student.

- Basics Boot Camps are offered as a 3 week sessions (6 classes) for $259. There are no prepayment discounts. Boot Camp participants are eligible for a 10% Multi-Class discount with other Math Monkey classes.

- Back-to-School Camp and Math Mastery Classes: Back-to-School Camp fee is $299 per 5 day Camp week.  Math Mastery Class fee is $179 per 5 day Class week.  If a student attends both Back-to-School and Math Mastery at the same time, fee will be reduced to $435 to cover both.  There are no prepayment discounts. 

- Special Classes:  Math Monkey may run special classes throughout the year.  Fees will vary with the class and duration.


- Full Payment is required for all online Summer registrations. Math monkey accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express credit or debit cards.

- For Cash and Check Payment, please call us to register.  Your registration will not be confirmed until payment has been received.

- Cancellations must be submitted in writing and are permitted up until 4 weeks before the first day of any Class or Camp.  A refund for the amount of the prepaid fees, less a $25 cancellation charge, will be issued.  If a paid registration is cancelled within the 4 weeks before a class or camp begins, then a credit for 80% of the paid fees will be applied to the family's account and will be valid for 12 months from the date of cancellation.  There will be no cash refunds for cancellations within 4 weeks of the start of a class or camp.

- Early Termination Fee:  There are no cash refunds for early withdrawal from Math Monkey Summer Camps and Classes.  If a student is  withdrawn from a Summer PROPEL class, a prorated credit for 50% of the remaining classes will be applied to the family's account and may be used during the next School year. 

- Make-up Lessons:  Make-up classes may be available for some Summer PROPEL classes depending on the class and the amount of advance notice.  Availability of Summer PROPEL make-up classes is not assured.  There are no make-up days for Summer LEGO and Adventure Camps, Basics Boot Camps, Back-to-School Camps, or Math Mastery Classes. 

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