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“We went in for Molly’s conference, bracing ourselves for news that Molly is not up to par on her math/ reading.  She is a young 1st grader, having an August birthday.  Her teacher has told us that it will take a while for her to catch up to the other kids.  Well, we walked into the conference and Molly’s teacher said she only called us in to say “Kudos to you!  Whatever you are doing, keep it up!”  Molly went from scores below average in the fall to well above average in both math and reading.  I truly believe her experience at Math Monkeys has really helped her and has given her confidence in math.  Her teacher also agrees!  Thank you so much!  What a great feeling knowing your child is succeeding at school!”



“Math Monkey has definitely helped Colin to become more confident with his math skills.  Additionally, I believe it has helped to equip him with strategies to tackle challenges in general.  He truly values the experience, the friendships he has developed and especially the time the teachers take with each student.  The program is fantastic but the staff make it truly special.  Thank you!”



“My daughter thoroughly enjoys Math Monkey!!  She received her very first 100% on a math test, and we attribute this to her new found confidence and appreciation she’s gained from Math Monkey!”



 “Lilly was recently tested in mathematics for the gifted and talented program at Orange for the 1st grade. She tested into the 99th percentile. I am 100% certain that it has everything to do with the math classes that she takes with you.  Thank you so much. What a wonderful experience we have had and how grateful I am for everything you all do there.”



“I must first tell you that I appreciate everything you and your staff have done for me and my son. Last year was quite the boost for Jordan with regards to building his math skills and a growing appreciation and confidence for the subject due to Math Monkey.”



“My children have enjoyed coming to their math sessions and especially because of you and your staff. Thank you for catering to our children’s needs in math.  I’m extremely impressed with your facility and staff. I speak highly of your organization with great respect.   We look forward to having a long relationship with you and your staff.  Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.”



“I wanted you to know how amazing Morgan did on her OAA’s. We just got them back and Morgan insists that they are wrong because she got 100% on the math portion. She got 568/568. We are certain that math monkey had a lot to do with that score so thank you. We hope to be back with our little one soon!”



 “A mom came in today to tell me that her soon-to-be 5th grader will be taking 7th grade Algebra next year.  He took an entrance exam to qualify for this huge leap and scored the highest that anyone has ever scored on that exam at his school!  The Mom said that it is because he has been at Math Monkey for the last 3 years”.



“My 4th grade son loves Math Monkey.  He says it makes math fun and easy.  He enjoys having “a different way to solve the math problems than his class does in school”.  As for the class, he says that “it’s not like doing math in school, it’s math games that are fun!”



“We picked Math Monkey for enrichment because the focus is on understanding mathematical concepts and the relationships between numbers; not the rote completion of worksheets.  Best of all my daughters now say math is their favorite subject!”



“My son was just admitted into the gifted program at his school and one of the reasons that he will be in this program is because he loves math…and he loves math because of Math Monkey!”



“We took our son to Math Monkey this year to help foster academic growth in mathematics.  I realized after viewing your website that I spend time, effort and money making sure that he learns to appreciate and value music (guitar lessons), athletics (soccer and baseball), teamwork (cub scouts), etc. and I have done NOTHING to make sure he is getting everything out of academics (specifically math…short of reading, nothing is more important for him to learn academically).   So far he has actually ENJOYED doing math-something that was impossible for us to make fun at home.  He is learning to appreciate how to enjoy knowledge that will help him excel professionally, and personally) the rest of his life.  Through his successes and fun feedback I am able to help educate other parents on the value that Math Monkey has brought to our household.”



“We are extremely pleased with Math Monkey.  My daughter feels excited & challenged.  She looks forward to doing her homework and it is never a chore.  It’s an extremely high quality program.  The staff is helpful, personable, and fun.  I tell all my friends about what a great experience we’re having.”



“We can’t thank you and your staff enough. Even though Dylan is entering 7th grade; he tested and placed into the 9th grade Algebra class at his school.”



“Our daughter is now going into 7th grade.  She had the option of choosing regular math or honors math this coming year and she chose honors.  We strongly believe that choice was made due to her experience at Math Monkey giving her the confidence to make that decision!  We also have a third grade son in the Math Monkey program and he is signed up for the fall because of the positive experience that his sister had in her previous sessions.”

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