Math and Language Basics Boot Camps


Minutes per Class, 2x per Week

2 or 3

Weeks of class

Math Basics Boot Camp

Math Basics Boot Camp I - This class will provide intensive focus on the basics of Numbers including Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication as repeated Addition and Division with context.  Students who move more quickly will learn Ratios, Decimals, and Percentages.
Math Basics Boot Camp II - This class will continue from Boot Camp 1 to review those basics and move on to Integers and Variables, Exponents, Order of Operations and Solving Equations.

English Language Basics Boot Camp

English Language Basics Boot Camp I - This class will provide intensive focus on the basics of the English Language.  Topics will include reading techniques, use of proper grammar, case usage, verb tenses, and vocabulary.
English Language Basics Boot Camp II - This class will provide intensive focus on using the English Language to communicate effectively.  Topics will include sentence and paragraph structure, planning a formal written or verbal communication, and the general process of communication. 

Basics Boot Camp Class Schedule

Should my Child Attend this Class?

If your child could use some basic training, catch-up, or intensive review, this may be the right class for him or her. This program is designed to bring students up to speed in Language or Math, boost confidence and reinforce the concepts they have learned in school.

How Much?

June 10 - July 15
10 classes over 6 weeks:  $399


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Math Monkey is an integrated Math and Language learning program for elementary and middle school students located on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.    

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