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At Math Monkey, we believe there are only two types of children:
Those who LOVE math and those who WILL LOVE math.

Our School

Math Monkey is a supplemental math program that provides and enriches math education for elementary through middle school students. Our educational facility is located near Solon, Ohio (on Miles Road between Brainard and Richmond) and services children in the greater Cleveland area ages 4-12.

Our Students

We are very proud of our students at Math Monkey! Our students come from the private and public school settings all across the Cleveland area. For kids who would like a greater challenge - to kids who need a boost of confidence in their math ability, Math Monkey proudly serves them all!

Our Method

By utilizing a unique game based program, we combine the teaching methods of the East with the best practices of the West. We specialize in challenging and engaging our students in a group setting, while teaching new ways to solve mental math problems. Kids have fun learning at Math Monkey! READ MORE

2014/2015 Class Schedule