Summer Math Mastery Program


Remote Lessons per week for 2 weeks


Week Summer Math Refresher Lessons
On average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in arithmetic and math abilities over the summer months.  With normal education striving to keep up, it's many more months of slide.  Our Math Monkey summer programs aim to mitigate this "Summer Slide", by engaging students in challenging math exercises, drills and games.  They will get ready for fall as they have fun doing it.
Classes run from August 3rd through August 14th.

Summer Math Mastery Program

Math Mastery helps prepare the students for Fall Classes.  There is always fallback over the summer without continued learning. Math Mastery is a way to fully review and practice what should have been learned over the course of the students’ prior school year. Of course, this is especially important in the current world where so much has been lost due to school closing.


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Math Monkey is an integrated Math and Language learning program for elementary and middle school students located on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.    

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