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Week Summer Math Enrichment Program
June 6 - August 20


Lesson each week. Lessons are 55 minutes long.  In-person and Virtual options may be available. 
On average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in arithmetic and math abilities over the summer months.  Our summer programs aim to mitigate this "Summer Slide", by engaging students in higher level thinking, while having fun  (after all, it is summer!).

Classes run from June 6 through August 20 with the week of July 4 - July 8 off for the Independence Day Holiday.

Summer Propel Math Enrichment Program

Summer Propel is Math Monkey's program of Math Enrichment classes that keep your student engaged in Math. 
Math Monkey Summer Propel takes the previous year's Math to the next level by introducing students to the next year's school work. Our Enrichment Classes use proprietary Math Monkey game-based curriculum to engage students to learn in a fun and confidence-building style.  We will review and reinforce concepts from the previous school year and to introduce concepts that your child will encounter in his/her coming school year.
We know you place your child’s education above all else, so give them the advantage of knowledge by enrolling him or her in one of our unique math programs.

Should my Child Attend this Class?

If your child excels in Math, this is a great program to keep him/her challenged with new concepts and materials they may not have seen in their day schools.  Math Monkey PROPEL helps to prevent "Summer Slide", where the students simply forget what they had learned. 

PROPEL classes are also designed to boost confidence, reinforce concepts, and provide a way to have fun while learning.  So, if your child struggled last year, this class will help get her/him back on track.  Its all about finding the right class level for your student.

How Much?

10 weekly classes:  $399

Which Class?

Classes are age, grade level, and ability based.  We will assess your child for proper placement with a free Math Assessment.  We are happy to change your students class, as needed and as available during the session.  Proper placement is critical to success. 
Give us a call at 440-914-0060 to review your options.


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