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Math Monkey is unlike any other math enrichment program.  Our program is designed to get students excited about math.  We combine game-based math lessons with savvy, mental strategies to give our students the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.

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Pre-K to Pre-Algebra

Understanding over Memorization

Confidence Boosting

Have Fun while Learning

Ohio Licensed Teachers

Serving NE Ohio since 2007

Through our program your child will develop skills that take the fear out of math and allow for a new way to approach problems that complements math taught in school.


Learning exciting new ways to look at math, both students looking for new challenges in math and students struggling in the subject benefit from the Math Monkey program.


In just one session a week you will see your child’s abilities and understanding of math grow. Math Monkey is taught in a small class setting, allowing students to interact and learn from each other while still gaining personal attention from the teachers. For students that need a more personal approach, Math Monkey offers specific one-on-one tutoring from our trained assistants in addition to our weekly classes.

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Does your Child need a Boost in Confidence?

Is Your Child Bored in Math Class?

At Math Monkey we've taken a very unique approach to teaching math. In a game-based environment students engage with the teacher and their peers to learn why the math works.... far beyond drilling math facts through worksheets.

1. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving 
2. Understanding OVER memorization
3. Learning should be a FUN and engaging process
4. Perfect compliment to school


See for yourself, come check us out with a FREE Trial Class


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Math Monkey is a supplemental math program that provides and enriches math education for elementary through middle school students. Our educational facility is located near Solon, Ohio .  Offering math enrichment classes, tutoring and computer programming STEM classes.


By utilizing a unique game based program, we combine the teaching methods of the East with the best practices of the West. We specialize in challenging and engaging our students in a group setting, while teaching new ways to solve mental math problems. Kids have fun learning at Math Monkey!


We are very proud of our students at Math Monkey! Our students come from the private and public school settings all across the Cleveland area. For kids who would like a greater challenge - to kids who need a boost of confidence in their math ability, Math Monkey proudly serves them all!


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Math Monkey is an academic enrichment program designed for all children whose parents understand the importance of math excellence.  Each child at Math Monkey is unique, how they learn and how they understand new concepts.  We limit our class sizes so that every student gets personalized attention and focus.

Math Monkey offers classes and tutoring for everyone.... from Math Enrichment.... to computer programming..... to Special Classes and math tutoring.

Free Assessment & Trial

Students may start Math Enrichment Classes at any time.  Schedule your child's FREE assessment test to determine the best class to challenge them.... also receive a FREE Trial Class!
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