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Raspberry Pi Projects

Math Monkey is thrilled to now offer Camps and maker sessions focused on projects with the Raspberry Pi computer. These tiny computers are only 2 inches by 3 inches in size but pack full function with a lot of processing power, memory, internet, wifi, and bluetooth connections.  There is a worldwide community developing projects, tools, and sensors. 

Each of the Math Monkey Raspberry Pi Projects special sessions and camps will focus on a single project.  Students will begin with assembly from scratch of a fully functioning Raspberry Pi system learning about the components that go into all computer systems.  They will learn how software controls their hardware and communication through an operating system.   And, we will cover the basics of Linux commands and Python Coding.  Some sessions will be devoted to projects such as remote control sensors and cameras (Make your own Ring system!), Others will be for weather stations, and even a live airplane tracking system. 

Who are these classes for? 

Raspberry Pi Classes are for boys and girls with an interest in how things work.  They do not need to have previous technical knowledge but, should have a curiosity to learn about these things and an enjoyment of making things.  They will be challenged by technical detail but the focus will be on completing the project which will require making and improvising as well learning the computer.

Recommended age range is from 10-14yrs of age.   

Class sizes limited to 6 per class. 

About Raspberry Pi …

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2009, the Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes the study of basic computer science in schools with a single-board computer called Raspberry Pi.  One of the founders of Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton, created the first Raspberry Pi in an attempt to solve the problem of a dwindling student population in computing science at the University of Cambridge. The simplicity and ease of access led Raspberry Pi to become the UK’s best-selling personal computer, selling over two million units within two years of production, while encouraging everyone with interest to study and play. Sales from Raspberry Pi products fund charitable work that promotes the understanding of computers and the use of technology in education and developing countries. Raspberry Pi is available throughout the world through the Foundation’s website and in select countries through approved Pi Resellers.

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