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Computer Classes

Math Monkey Computer classes are an incredibly valuable learning experience for children to learn a wide variety of skills and thought processes.  This applies to kids that may pursue both STEM careers as well as those that may pursue creative or organizational careers.  The  benefits from learning how to think in a disciplined fashion and potentially 'outside the box' are limitless.  We make classes fun through a games based approach and our kids can’t get enough so take advantage now!   

Our Computer Programming Classes will encourage your child to use and develop the following skills…


  • Problem-solving (how do I actually build this?)

  • Interacting with others (users of their creations)

  • Creative skills and discipline (what am I trying to say?)

  • Helping your child now, and future too! 


JR LEGO Robotics

Scratch Jr Programming

Hour of Code


Java Programming for Minecraft

2D/3D Video Game Programming C++/C#

LEGO Robotics II

Lego Robotics III

Scratch Animation Programming

Tm -

The Hour of Code Classes



The Hour of Code is a global movement introducing tens of millions of students worldwide to computer science, inspiring kids to learn more, breaking stereotypes, and leaving them feeling empowered.

Our Hour of Code class introduces kids to several different platforms for graphic based coding.  Using tablets and laptops, student begin with the most simple steps to increasingly challenging versions.  The lessons are created by many different organizations and individuals for several platforms each with a different look and feel. 

The lessons guide students to create interesting visual 'programs' with sound that require no reading or computer skills to build.  These programs range from simple walk, jump and bump activities to fairy tales and even an NBA basketball game.

Your kids can learn to make their own Programs 
  • Learn the logical sequence of a computer program.  

  • How loops, variables, and constants are used. 

  • Create their own characters and sounds.

  • Make up their own simple stories and plots.

  • Kids will learn the basics of programming without even knowing it!

Java Computer Programming Class

For Minecraft



No Prior coding experience required for Level 1

Students will learn the basics of programming and the Java computer language.  There is an introduction to Java then the students begin constructing games using the Java programming language.  the course continues through multiple levels where students use Java to program elements of the popular Minecraft game.  


Students will eventually need their own Minecraft account to interact with their creations.

  • Learn the logical sequence of a computer program.  

  • How loops, variables, and constants are used.

  • See how Minecraft mods are coded inlcuding blocks and weapons

  • Learn how to construct a mob including the shape, color, and behavior

  • Students will make a mod where they can code their own blocks, items, and mobs.

  • Tak your Minecraft love to a new level

  • Increases problem solving and critical thinking skills

2D / 3D Computer Game Programming in C++ / C#

Students will learn a C++/C#  programming language to create a 2D and 3D computer games. 


No Prior coding experience required for Level 1

  • Learn the logical sequence of a computer program.  

  • How loops, variables, and constants are used. 

  • How the 2D and 3D coordinate system works.

  • How to write programs for 2D and 3D dimensional space.

  • Students make a 2D and 3D game using the concepts above.


Programming with

Scratch and ScratchJr

Build cool animations, games, and characters, generate music, and draw math art. 

ScratchJr for Grades k-3

Scratch for Grades 3-6

Scratch and ScratchJr are the award winning visual programming environments created by teams from the MIT University Media Lab designed to provide an easy introduction to programming for young children. 


Learning Scratch  is like receiving an artists multimedia pallet and journal.  Students create their own characters, sounds and stories and learn the steps to make their creations come to life on a computer.  Children will learn to think creatively and reason systematically.  


Students progress through the lessons learning concepts through a game-like interface.  They create interactive stories, animations, and mini-games.  Students will learn program step sequencing, event recognition, conditional logic, parameters, program loops in addition to basic animation, drawing and pattern skills, playing musical notes, sending and receiving messages, handling user input, and color detection.  

ScratchJr offers a simplified subset of Scratch functions but without the need for reading or keyboard skills.  ScratchJr is a derivative of the Scratch language, which has been used by over 10 million people worldwide.

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