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Private 1-on-1 Tutoring and Homework Help

Private Tutoring and Homework Help are designed to assist students throughout the school year.  Tutoring sessions are 45 minutes.  Double sessions (90 minutes) may also be scheduled.  Tutoring sessions are scheduled and billed 4 sessions at a time.  Math Monkey offers 2 Levels of Tutoring, depending on the need - Basic and Advanced.

Basic Tutoring and Homework Help address gaps in students knowledge and understanding and help the student prepare for tests, projects or other school needs.  Basic tutoring and Homework Help are offered with highly knowledgeable instructors which may include teachers or exceptional high-school and college students.

Your students can bring in their homework from school and receive 1-on-1 or group assistance with their lessons. This is a great opportunity for students to ask the questions they weren’t able to ask at school.  Basic Tutoring and Homework Help are available for students of all ages (including adults) and may available to cover several subjects including Math, English, Science and Foreign Languages.

Advanced Tutoring addresses larger learning needs that may cross disciplines.  Our advanced tutors are state-licensed professionals who understand that there may be non-academic issues slowing a student's learning.  Our advanced tutors will help identify specific issues and put in place plans to help the student overcome them.  An Advanced tutor may also be available to work with the student's teachers or other school support personnel.


  • Basic Private 1-on-1 Tutoring is $159/4 sessions

  • Homework help is $189/month for unlimited access during scheduled hours or $59/month when combined with another Math Monkey Class.

  • Advanced Tutoring is $189/4 sessions

A 5% tutoring discount will be applied when 10 or more sessions are paid for in advance.

For more information or to sign up for Tutoring and Homework Help,
                please give us a call at 440-914-0060              
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