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Build Better Math Students Through Contests!


Students looking to build their mathematical thinking and problem skills are invited to join our Math Olympiad Teams. Our goals with Math Olympiads are:


  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics

  • To teach major strategies for problem solving

  • To strengthen Mathematical intuition

  • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity

Our Elementary (4th – 6th grade) and middle school Math Olympiad Teams begins training when the school year begins and meets weekly from the end of August throughout the school year.



Math Olympiad Teams

In each session, students will learn problem solving strategies and will exercise their minds completing challenging problems.


Here’s a sample problem.

Hannah gives clues about her six-digit secret number

Clue 1: It is the same number if you read it from right to left.

Clue 2: The number is a multiple of 9.

Clue 3: Cross off the first and last digits. The only prime factor of the remaining four-digit number is 11.


What is Hannah’s six-digit number?

With problems like these, you can see that students must develop more than just computation skills to find the correct answer. This is part of what makes Math Olympiad rewarding and fun.


Contests are administered once-a-month from November through March. Students will receive a certificate of participation as well as individual awards and trophies.

Individual Awards

  • Each participant receives a Certificate of Participation.

  • The one high scorer of each team receives a trophy. 

  • Each of the top 50% of all participants in each division receives a handsome embroidered Olympiad patch.

  • Each of the top 10% of all participants in each division receives a silver or gold pin.

  • Each student who achieves a perfect score of 25 points receives a bronze medallion.



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